Optical Shaft Measurement

Now With 3D tactile Probe

The New Opticline T3D With 3D Measuring Probe

Rapid, Accurate, Optical Shaft Measurement With Flexibility of a CMM. 
Bores, Blind Holes, Blind Slots, Keyways, Undercuts, Negative Lift On Cams

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Opticline T3d Optical and Touch
Optical shaft measurement now with added tactile probing functionality.

The next generation of Opticline is here. 

Tactile probing system for 3D measurements

Measurement of axial run-out, grooves and bores

High speed optical and contact measurement

Full component measurement with one system

Market Leading Resolution of 0.1μm

Feather Keyway Measurement

Borehole Measurement

Axial Run-Out Measurement


The Opticline remains market leader in accuracy of 0.1μm


Reducing time taken to measure parts from hours and minutes to just seconds.


Designed to be used directly on the shopfloor and to withstand industrial environments.


Now with the ability to measure internal dimensions with touch probe only one system is needed for comprehensive measurement.

Opticline Tolaris Software

User Friendly, Intuitive Operation

– Wizards for easy creation of test plans & characteristics

– Clear presentation &  processing of  results

– “Live” mode for direct feedback when creating test plans

Optimised Measuring Runs

– Easy selection of new characteristics

– Scanning & evaluation in the shortest time possible

– Fast combination of any measurement functions in one plan

– Fully automated measurement process with results displayed within seconds

Reliable Analysis of Measurement Results

–Various on screen views for displaying measurement values

– Extensive analysis functions

–Customisable reports

–Multiple export options

– Fast and reliable analysis and interpretation of results


See the Opticline T3D in action in our video, with examples of:

> Feather key way measurement 

> Axial run out measurement

> Borehole measurement 

Other Systems In The Opticline Range

Opticline CS

CS range suitable for thread measurement and when a lower accuracy is required with just a small investment required.

Opticline C

Our market-leading high accuracy 0.1μm systems, available in standard sizes for components ranging from 0-900mm.

WMS & Automatic Opticline

Bespoke systems made for large components or to allow for automatic loading. These high accuracy systems are tailored for your components, including horizontal and robot loading.

See The T3D In Action. Request a Demo.

Opticline T3D Demo Request

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