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Jenoptik Opticline T3D

Fast, optical shaft measurement with 1-micron accuracy with a 3D measuring probe

Key Information

Max Diameter


Automotive industry: 

  • Measurement of turbochargers, engine valves, pistons, camshafts and crank shafts, gear shafts and drive shafts engine components.

Turned and ground parts producers: 

  • Measure shaft-shaped, largely axially symmetrical workpieces.

Medical technology: 

  • Measure implants, bone screws, and rotating instruments
  • Any shafts (e.g cam or crank with internal features)
  • Any cylindrical parts with tight tolerance and internal features (e.g spools)
  • HighQA quality management software: Auto-ballooning of drawings, inspection plans and industry-standard reporting all done for you.
  • Fast track: We can pre-programme for you so you’re ready to measure as soon as the system arrives.

Tolaris Software 

  • Simple, intuitive software that enables even novices to programme and run measurement routines in minutes.
  • Tolaris measurement and evaluation software for shaft measurement systems
    • Intuitive: A simple user interface 
    • Fast: Create test plans quickly and easily
    • Clear: Easy to understand and concise measurement views
    • Auto-reporting: Auto-generated reporting and output giving traceability on all measurement.

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